How to write the introduction of a descriptive essay?

To write the introductory paragraph of a descriptive essay, you should pay attention to the organization and the subject of the text.


The introduction should attract the reader’s attention and describe the content of the essay in a clear manner. Descriptive essays are usually written with vocabulary that allows readers to visually recognize the author’s intention. This type of text describes emotions, people or periods of time. If you use a writing format to develop ideas, you can create a compelling introduction to the test.


Steps to write an introduction

  1. Identifies the recipient thinking about who will read your essay. This allows you to determine the type of language and style.
  2. Define the subject. Think what will develop in the test subjects. Make a mental note of them.
  3. Experience of childhood; write a statement that expresses it as “This essay is my friendship with my neighbor from childhood, Libby Jones”.
  4. Describe three things you want to tell the reader. Write these phrases and uses a general format for each. Examples include the following statements: “The reader will be informed about how we together were Libby and girls” or “The reader will be informed about what I learned as a child growing up in Brooklyn, New York”.
  5. Gather the statements you wrote at the beginning and sort them in abstract form. Eliminates repeated words like “This trial is”. Read the paragraph aloud, it sounds strange or locked. This can be improved.
  6. Create a paragraph with a summary that serves as an introduction to the test. Use descriptive words to fill text making it more fluid.

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