How to Write a Law Essay?

Getting good marks in law is not so complicated; it’s very simple if you follow standardized, well-ordered procedure to write your essay which will help you in maximizing your efficiency in writing essays in your assignments and final exams as well.

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How to Write Law Essays?

For writing essay, first you need to adopt brilliant essay writing skills. This means writing relevant information in as few words as possible and neglecting information that is not suitable and relevant. You need to follow IRAC rule for law essays writing. In case if you have never listened to the word IRAC let me explain and make you clear what actually this term means. IRAC covers four important parts: a) Identifying the problem, b) Rules which need to be followed according to law, c) Applying Law rules for the problem and d) Conclusion.

Pre-writing tips:

  • Study: Go through the topic very carefully, and read the guidelines properly. Generally, your professor will guide you not to apply certain rules due to several reasons, or maybe specific rule is not applicable in that case. Read the entire mentioned detail or else small mistake will change the entire result this will lead you to edit an entire essay in the last moment.
  • Viewpoint: Make your vision broad. Your law essay would contain numerous issues and you have to put different rules regarding that issue. Always keep in mind when writing an essay you are directed to provide opinion in terms of defense, prosecution, and judge.
  • Rough Draft: To be organized, make notes of all the important facts, information and rules you want to highlight in your essay. This will make your work easy now it’s time to start writing.

During writing

  • Introductory Part: Introduction contains three basic parts which need to get covered. Firstly, it provides an overview of the question which will be answered in your essay. Secondly, Criteria of discussion, and finally a framework of your entire essay, briefly discussing the main issue of the topic and rules you will be applying further in the essay.
  • Highlighting Issues: After providing strong introduction, start with the strongest issue. Discuss each issue, at least in one paragraph
  • Highlighting Rules: For each issue writes the rules you will be applying for whether they are common or court holding laws.
  • Application of Rules: Combining rules and issues in one part and giving the conclusion. YOU can also skip above two of highlighting the issue and rules in two different headings and mix both in one single heading; this will also save some of your time.


Many people do not write a conclusion and avoid giving their opinion in the end. Writing conclusion in the end is considered professional. Writing law papers is an art. If you want to drive a car you need to start driving. Difficulties do come, but in small time spam you will start learning. Same goes with the writing practice will not make you flawless immediately, but will definitely remove some of your flaws. Practice and time will make you a better writer.


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