How to Write a Character Analysis Essay?

Character analysis essay is very much similar to literary essay. They both include a statement of thesis, well organized information and concluding paragraph. Both types of essays focus on person’s character and traits. You have to develop a thesis to explain the personality trait of the person. You also have to provide evidence to support your points and explanation.

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Character Analysis Essay Writing

You don’t have to worry about writing character analysis essay, in this article we will guide you step by step about how to provide detail under each heading:

Research: Choose a personality which motivates you or emotionally affects you. If you select a character which you find interesting then you will be focus more on writing your essay.

Thesis: The thesis statement is usually written in the beginning of an essay. Take your time while composing a thesis because this statement states the reason for writing your essay. So always include hints to tell your reader’s purpose of your writing.

Main ideas: Focus on the main idea of the essay. If you are writing an essay on trust issues related to woman than provide solid evidence to prove our point. Develop two or three sentences and then elaborate those sentences into detail. Essay body should contain three main elements.

  • Analyzing the character
  • Describe the character in detail
  • Discussion

Describe the whole character in your essay, including all the hobbies and habits related to the person.

Conclusion: You don’t have to include new information in your concluding paragraph. Since conclusions are designed only to sum up your whole essay instead of new information. Briefly summarize all the main points here. You can also analyze and write your opinion related to the author, as this is your last chance to impress your readers.

Title: Good title appeals the readers. Make your title effective so that it can grab your reader’s attention. You can also compose your essay title in the end after completing the essay, by looking at the thesis statement or conclusion think of a title which goes with the content of your essay. For example, if the character was in love with someone and his/her true love died, so you can  come up with a title “ pain of love”. Create a title which makes sense to the readers.

Your character analysis should contain:

  • Character of your essay personality
  • Decision making power of your essay character. Whether they make sensible decisions or not.
  • Interest and desire of your essay character
  • Influence of your essay character on others
  • Description of historical time period of your essaycharacter.

Consider the following elements also:

Relationship:You can also describe an author’s relationship with their parents, siblings and their friends. You can also tell them what kind of friends, your essay character have in their life

Nature of your essay character: you can also state the character of your personality, whether they have flat or humorous personality.

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